What to take for travel trip if you are videoblogger

Planning our big trip to the Netherlands, we made a general checklist of things, which we want to take with us. After 1,5 month in the Netherlands we realized that some of our stuff in not being used, and the other part is very useful vise versa. Let’s have a look at the video equipment and specific stuff for youutubers.

Perhaps the most usefull thing is mobile light and the lazy holder for smartphones and small cameras – mostly we use ringlight, you can find the link downbelow the video:

As we bought new mobile phone – Samsung Galaxy S9, which has top qualitity camera and good sound recoring (oh, i’d wish it was ad!), we didn’t use additional microphone for smartphone at all.

As we need new tripod in our home videostudio, it was not possible for us not to buy amazing Vanguard Millennium 5 tripod in secondhand shop in NL.

As a result of our trip (it’s not over yet, but still), the most important things for us were:

  • Smartphone with good camera, big storage capasity and strong batteryТелефон с хорошей камерой, большой памятью и мощной батареей (+ dont’ forget about the charger and silicone case);
  • The smallest and lightest selfie-stick (even for two videobloggers’ family one is enough);
  • Lazy holder for telephone and camera on the clothespin;
  • Mobile light (ringlight);
  • Webcamera (we have Logitech 930).

Top literally useless things which we took with us:

  • External microphone for smartphones;
  • Second mobile light;
  • Additional bluetooth keyboard (better to have laptop, we bought one in NL);
  • Additional mobile battery charger;
  • Clothes, jewelry, accessories (better to buy on the trip);
  • Spider tripod;
  • Belt bags, including waterproof.
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