Our YouTube channels

Hi! We are — Shtukensia and igroglaz — and we love to film videos 🙂 This webpage contains list of our youtube channels. Follow the links, subscribe and watch our new videos every day!

Channels in English

Shtuky https://youtube.com/Shtuky Shtuky blog
Russian Bear https://youtube.com/RussianVideo igro blog
Shtuky Art https://youtube.com/ShtukyArt Shtuky art
♥ The Netherlands https://youtube.com/gezellig Dutch videos
DjPiroliz DjPiroliz igro electronic music
KotMedved https://youtube.com/KotMedved cat & bear sketches

Games, streams, gamedev (🇬🇧 eng / rus 🇷🇺)

ShtukyGame https://youtube.com/ShtukyGame 🇬🇧 Shtuky streams
igroglaz roguelike https://youtube.com/Tangar 🇬🇧 roguelike streams
igroglaz streams https://youtube.com/GlazGame 🇬🇧 igro streams
Dev lifahacks dev lifehacks 🇬🇧 IT, gamedev
Игроглаз https://youtube.com/igroglaz 🇷🇺 igro gamedesign
Стримы Тангара https://youtube.com/StreamGuild 🇷🇺 igro streams
Гик-культура https://youtube.com/Tangar 🇷🇺 igro fantasy, DnD, tabletops

Our series (🇬🇧 eng/rus 🇷🇺)

GirlGamer https://youtube.com/GamerSeries 🇬🇧 Gamer’s life
Gamersha https://youtube.com/Gamersha 🇷🇺 Gamer’s life

Channels in Russian

Personal channels:

Штукенция https://youtube.com/Shtukensia Shtuky personal
Штукенция Live https://youtube.com/ShtukensiaLIVE Shtuky vlogs
Медведь Игроглаз https://youtube.com/malchishka igro personal

YouTube for bloggers and streamers:

Школа Блоггера https://youtube.com/ShkolaBloggera Blogger school
Школа Стримера https://youtube.com/StreamHelp Streamer school
Жизнь Ютубера https://youtube.com/YoutuberLife Vlogs about YouTube
Слухи Ютуба https://youtube.com/YoutubeRumors YouTube rumours

Beauty, health, psychology

Гильдия Красоты https://youtube.com/BeautyGuild Beauty blog
♥Отношения♥ https://youtube.com/ShtukensiaLove Love and relationships
Здоров https://youtube.com/Zdorov Health
СпортКот https://youtube.com/Sportkot Sport
ВидеоДетки https://youtube.com/VideoDetki Parenting

Art & music

Гитарка https://youtube.com/Gitarka Guitar lessons
Пианинка https://youtube.com/Pianinka Piano lessons
Каверы Песен https://youtube.com/CoverSong Song covers
Внесоциума https://youtube.com/vnesociuma igro songs
QVERA https://youtube.com/QVERA Shtuky songs
ВидеоЖизнь https://youtube.com/VideoPicture Video poetry

Science & society

Алчность Знаний https://youtube.com/AlchnostTV Education 
АгроПрогноз https://youtube.com/Agroprognoz Agro & soils
ВераСпэйс https://youtube.com/VeraSpace Space & science
НеЧБ ne4b Politics

Ideas, howto & DIY

Смотри и Учись https://youtube.com/EasyLearnTV Lifehacks
Домовенок https://youtube.com/DomObzor Household
Почемучка https://youtube.com/VoprosOtvet Answering questions
Швейка Кот sew Sewing

IT, computer, internet

Компьютерщик https://youtube.com/Skobks Computer stuff
Айтишник https://youtube.com/Webpomosh IT work
Инетмагаз https://youtube.com/inetmagaz Internet shopping

Travel, food, leisure

Культурный Код https://youtube.com/ieroglif Travel
Едаки https://youtube.com/Edaki Food reviews
Букинатор https://youtube.com/Bookinator Books
КинОбзор https://youtube.com/Kinobzor Films
Каркуша https://youtube.com/Carkusha Cars

Humor, positive, backstage

Шкетч https://youtube.com/Shketch Sketches
Лайвкаст24 https://youtube.com/Livecast24 Bloopers
Несмешно https://youtube.com/nesmeshno igro humour
Радость и позитив https://youtube.com/CuteCat Positive moments