Light scheme for interview

To shoot an interview with the Dean of the Faculty of Soil Science of Moscow State University – P.V. Krasilnikov – we came up with a new scheme for arranging lights and cameras. I drew this diagram on a piece of paper at home in advance, so that it would be easier to navigate on the spot. It turned out that this is a very good idea – to write everything in advance and even draw:

When we came to the shooting location, we had to assemble and arrange all the equipment in 15 minutes. This diagram turned out to be lifesaving, it shows on which tripod which camera is installed, where is the microphone, where is what light. The seating of the heroes of the video was like a “scheme of eight”, but not complete, when the cameras were installed practically behind the backs of the two heroes. Our “8-scheme” turned out to be innovative: three cameras fan out in the foreground. This made it possible to naturally combine two people during editing:

If a complex video is waiting for you, then you should not hope that on the spot you will quickly and simply figure everything out. The better you prepare, the less mistakes you will have to correct later. I sketched this diagram in a couple of minutes, and then we were glad many times that we had taken this piece of paper with us.

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