Manifesto of benevolence

Dear friend! Thank you for your interest in our work. We are glad to see your comments  both under the video on YouTube, and on our forums and websites. We read all the messages and like to talk with you! But it’s very important to have kindl atmosphere at our community, to support each other, adhere to a positive agenda. We are happy to see any opinions and points of view, reasoning, criticism, agreement or disagreement, but it has to be formulated in a good context.

Most people have a sense of tact and adhere to our concept of communication – they behave delicately, which makes us very happy! If someone behaves rudely, imposes his opinion, belittles others, etc., we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this Manifesto and adjust the tone, style and content of communication. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, chauvinism, homophobia, xenophobia and so on. Otherwise, we are forced to impose a ban (your comments will not be visible to anyone except yourself).

Learning to communicate is never too late! We ourselves continue to develop the skills of positive communication every day.