I am blogger and this is my profession

It’s hard to believe, but the profession of a video blogger in fact already exists. There are many people who professionally run their YouTube channels, instagram, text blogs, and this activity allows them to live. Today it is already difficult to find a person who is not even a little blogger – people are happy to share their thoughts on social networks, post photos and videos of their lives. What does all of this mean?

For us, this is, first of all, the removal of stigma from the profession of “blogger”. Today, being a blogger is fashionable and even prestigious, but 10 years ago everything was completely different. YouTubers seemed strange and a little out of this world. Talking to the camera was freaky, and only daredevils could shoot vlogs on the street. And now it is already difficult to walk so as not to get into someone’s attachment. The world has changed, people have mastered platforms and technologies. Isn’t that cool?

We have been on YouTube for the 9th year already, time flies, the approaching changes. But something remains the same. These are primarily “emotions”. It’s still a lot of fun and exciting to come up with and shoot videos, write titles, make covers, write posts. We even wrote a book about YouTube, and this 2021 it will go out of print and go to real bookstores! The title of the book is “The Algorithm of Success on YouTube: Think Like a Youtuber!” By Vera Shtukentsia and Tangar igroglaz, that is, we are. Wow!

In general, a lot has happened over the years, for example:

  • we were able to realize some of our talents;
  • understood their desires and aspirations better;
  • were able to find their place in the world and on the Internet.

We still have a lot to do. In terms of creativity, we still want to do the ‘GirlGamer’ series, to make an online game, to finish writing a few planned books. Shouldn’t we sing more songs? It’s amazing that blogging has given us so many opportunities – this is self-realization, and financial stability, and potential for the future. We can do all our ideas online without leaving home or traveling. It was my dream!

There were also difficult moments – our channels were blocked, haters came, we were exposed with disses and reviews, we were worried and nervous. But all this remained in the past, and if something like this still catches up with our harbor, then we have learned to cope with difficulties quite well. It turned out that even negativity and obstacles can be turned in their direction, overcome them, learn, be inspired, get together and no matter what move on. This is a good school of life!

In 2021, we are more actively engaged in programming the Tangaria game, and are sharing our experience on the IT PhD channel. It’s cool when there is an opportunity to be versatile, and not to focus on one thing too narrow – this is very important for our character! But we shouldn’t be scattered either, so we are optimizing our channels, some of which are still “on pause”. I would like to systematically develop in a calm mode in those directions that are relevant to us now, and not try to “eat an elephant”. We are happy snails!

Probably the most important lesson in these 9 years on YouTube is – trust your spark! If you suddenly have an idea – write it down and do it. There is energy – use it. I would like to shoot a strange video – turn on the camera and make your own video. Then there will still be time to think it over, edit it, cut out the excess. Inspiration doesn’t happen every day, or even every week. If suddenly right now there is a desire to sing and dance, do not forget to turn on the video. Are you excited about a topic? Well, you already know what to do. Seize the moment!

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