Featured YouTube-channels

Hi! We are — Shtukensia (Russian Beauty https://youtube.com/Shtuky) and igroglaz  (Russian Bear https://youtube.com/RussianVideo) — and we love to film videos 🙂 This webpage contains list of our selected youtube channels in English. Follow the links, subscribe and watch our new videos every day!

igroglaz streamshttps://youtube.com/idleGlaz/
igroglaz roguelikehttps://youtube.com/Tangaria
Shtuky Arthttps://youtube.com/ShtukyArt
Shtuky Gamehttps://youtube.com/ShtukyGame
The Netherlandshttps://youtube.com/gezellig
IT PhDhttps://youtube.com/channel/UClARBYN-cvOBb4DhKKyjo2w

Full series of our channels – here.