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Old list of our channels (not full, has to be updated): – Vera’s lifestyle channel (in English) – Nikolay’s lifestyle channel – about health, healthy lifestyle – sport and fitness – about parenting (just our thoughts, we do not have children yet) – space, physics, science – agriculture and Soil science – lessons about games streaming (how to make live videos) – our vlogs – youtube news and rumors – home, house-holding – answers to typical questions – reviews of online shops and goods – IT, web-sites development, coding – reviews of food – reviews of books – cars and transport talks – Nikolay’s humour – happy moments of our life – videos from the past (our family archive) – song covers – piano lessons – Nikolay’s songs (I write and sing them) – Nikolay’s DJ channel – videos of nature and poems (every video got poem in description which we created) – sketches and comedy videos – painting and drawing – sewing lessons (new channel) – Nikolay’s live game streams – geek culture (board games, yoyo, toys) – reviews of online games (in English) – Nikolay’s live gaming streams (in English) – Vera’s gaming streams channel (English) – Nikolay’s lifestyle channel (in English) – Nikolay’s vlog (English) – home-made theater – about the Netherlands