Do not make many channels on YouTube!

When we started our YouTube activities, the creation of new channels was a very very natural affair. Initially, each of us had one channel — these were igroglaz and Shtukensia. Somewhere in a year or a year and a half of active management of YouTube channels, we decided to make additional channels. This was dictated by the fact that on our main channels there were some thematic videos – beauty or games. And we wanted to expand the themes and formats of the video that we shot. It did not seem difficult for us to lead one channel. And we thought that what is the difference – to lead one channel or to lead two channels.

Gradually, we opened several more YouTube channels, began to design them and come up with video formats. When we had about 7 channels for two, it suddenly seemed to us that this was too much. And we decided to stop there. Our 7 channels were slowly developing, among them there were already such channels as “Greed of Knowledge”, “Relations”, “Look and Learn”, “Geek” and some others. We were so inspired by YouTube, the idea that you can create videos from home that anyone around the world can watch. Every day we came up with stories and themes for new videos, recorded, edited (sometimes) and published on YouTube.

Once we thought that it’s somehow wrong to shoot videos in Russian only, because we are fluent in English and we want to share our videos with the world community. So we opened our English-language channels.

Gradually, for almost 7 years of YouTube, in some magical way (this is really magic!), We got more than 50 channels on YouTube, or rather 56! On this link you will find them all.

I can’t say for sure which wasp has bitten us to create so many channels. When we had 7 channels, it seemed to us that it was difficult; when we got 56 channels, we think it’s normal. I think that the point here is in our personality traits and in a lot of work done to organize the entire video production process in our home video studio. We are very versatile people, creative and restless. We want to try everything new, and we still continue to search for ourselves and try to fulfill ourselves.

So why shouldn’t you have a lot of YouTube channels?

  • it takes all your time;
  • spraying of wills leads to a slow growth of each individual channel;
  • there is a high probability that you “burn out” and generally abandon YouTube;
  • it’s hard to keep track of the details and nuances, and this is the key to success.

We accidentally fell into a situation where we have many channels on YouTube. We haven’t met other YouTube channels that have so many YouTube channels. We are often asked questions – why do we all do this, because we could focus on fewer channels, and we are spraying efforts. Someone considers us strange, someone thinks that we know something important. But in fact, we just live our own business and try to do what we love with all our hearts.

In 2017, YouTube’s algorithms considered some of our channels to be “spam” and blocked them (see Mass Channel Blocking), which was very disappointing. By that time, many of our channels were already well developed. Of course, we never created any spam, but to prove this with the support of YouTube was not an easy task. At that time, many bloggers were faced with unfair blocking. We even staged a round-the-clock live strike on a hashtag #ВернитеВеруВютуб (see Protest against unfair blocking of our channels). It was difficult, but we returned all our channels. Now it’s fun to recall this, but then – we were morally crushed.

So the likelihood of such locks can also be attributed to the minuses of maintaining several channels on YouTube, because then, under this blocking, small channels (up to 5k subscribers) fell into the main basis. And to grow several channels and “protect” them is much more difficult than to insure one.

Despite all the disadvantages, we still run our channels, somewhere it turns out better, somewhere else you need to work hard. The main thing is that we did not leave a single channel. And to us all of our YouTube “kids” are very important. What are the positive aspects if you develop several YouTube channels at once?

Advantages of maintaining multiple channels on YouTube:

  • You are never bored!
  • Cumulative effect – you can promote one channel through another;
  • You better understand how the platform works;
  • You are never bored!

Typically, bloggers have two channels – the main and vlog (live). So if you are a blogger, then focus on all the “normal” people, and do not rush to produce entities beyond necessity. Take Occam’s razor is in your hands, but it’s too late for us to change anything 🙂

See you later!

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