Unblock Vera #Shtukensia YouTube channels #ВернитеВеруВютуб

Vera (Shtukensia) & Nikolay (igroglaz) are artists and scientists (PhDs both), who quitted their jobs in 2012 to became full-time youtubers. Every day they make 5-7 high quality and unique videos on very different topics which they publish at 50 YouTube channels (~1 video per week at one channel). As it is not typical approach for youtubing, to understand why they have so many YouTube channels, please see their detailed video explanation further below.

On 15-16th December 2017 YouTube unfairly blocked and deleted 37 of their YouTube channels (list of their blocked channels: http://entr.ru/en/channels ) without any warnings or ‘strikes’:

«This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.»

As all their videos are certainly not spam and do not violate YouTube Community Guidelines we are 100% sure that this block is a huge mistake. They got only unique videos which they produced with professional equipment at their home video studio exclusievely for each their YouTube channel.

We belive there could be three main versions why their channels were automatically blocked:

  • Censorship at YouTube. Recently they created new YouTube channel called “YouTube Rumors”. This channel was blocked first, all other 36 channels were blocked only next day. The last three videos at “YouTube Rumors” were about #YouTubeRewind2017 scandals. At their first video they supported PewDiePie (who was not invited at Rewind 2017); second was about EmmaBlackery (she was devastated by filming in Rewind2017) and the last one – about problem with russian youtube stars (they were not invited at Rewind2017 at all).
  • New YouTube anti-spam bot. As a reaction to “Eslagate” scandal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elsagate), Google developed new anti-spam algorythm to ‘seek-and-destroy’ hazardous spam YouTube hub-channels with videos targeted on children. It seems this algorithm ‘feels’ suspicious activity if you operate within several youtube channels from one IP-address. Vera and Nikolay have nothing in common with spammers or children content (btw, they do not have children); but they operate all their YouTube channels from one IP address.
  • System error of YouTube. 36 channels were blocked in 2 minutes (according to email block notifications date), without strikes or warnings, it can not be done manually. It’s not really possible that all their 36 YouTube channels got 3 strikes in 2 minutes at the same moment.

As someones said, “system is characterized not by errors but by the reaction on errors”. Vera and Nikolay wrote dozens of emails to YouTube support about this issue and made a lot of appeals, but nearly got ignored. They didn’t get any reasonable explanation why channels were blocked and all their appeals were rejected.

It’s especially feels like nonsense – YouTube blocked all channels without any investigation: among blocked channels there were a lot of unique niche YouTube channels which does not have any analogues. For example, ‘AgroPrognoz’ ( https://www.youtube.com/agroprognozru — 1700 subscribers), the only one Russian-speaking YouTube popsci channel focused on agriculture and soil science. Btw in 2017 Vera and Nikolay published four scientific papers based on ‘AgroPrognoz’ YouTube channel statistics. It is absolutely impossible to find reasons to block such channels, but appeal for this channel was rejected too.

Another interesting fact is that their ‘big’ channels (with more then 6000 subscribers) are still active (they got around 320k subs). All 37 blocked channels are rather ‘small’ and have around 32k subscribers in total. So it’s definitely some kind of SYSTEM mistake of YouTube or automatic way to block ‘small’ youtube channels for accounts which had video with cryticism of ‘platform’ (YouTubeRewind2017).

The reasons of block is very unclear. Vera and Nikolay are very positive people, they don’t have any hate, harassment or impersonation, predatory behavior, spam or any forbidden content at their videos. They do not use any robots, spiders and other automated systems to gain views, subscribers, etc., all their channels got only ‘organic’ growth. Vera and Nikolay are founders of ‘Shkola Bloggera’ (translation from Russian — «Blogger’s School») — https://www.youtube.com/shkolabloggera , biggest educational Russian-speaking channel about YouTube (93.000 subscribers). They completed courses at Creator Academy and visited seminars in Russian office of Google, YouTube Space events, had personal consultations with youtube managers for their channels. Vera and Nikolay are very experienced YouTube creators, 5+ years on platform, that’s why they know and respect YouTube rules.

Short video which explains this situation and shows why they have so many channels at YouTube:


Five years ago Vera and Nikolay believed in YouTube with all their heart and put a lot of effort in their channels. Now 75% of all their creative was blocked and deleted! It feels very cruel to have such unfair ‘reward’ for all years they worked so hard! Please unblock their channels!

We ask you to sign this petition not only for #Shtukensia & igroglaz channels, but to attract bigger attention of Google / YouTube for such system problem. A lot of innocent YouTubers around the world could suffer from such unfair automatic blocking!

List of blocked YouTube channels and more info on the go you can find at Vera’s and Nikolay’s website: http://entr.ru/


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