Shtukensia and Jbonya at YouTube… English version of blog is LIVE!

Hello, friends.
We are full-time youtubers – Nikolay and Vera. YouTube is our life and now it’s ruined – 37 of our youtube channels were automatically blocked without any reason. We made appeals but thjey didn’t help, youtube support said that we are ‘spammers’.

It’s not true. We are just two people who BELIVED in youtube, quitted our jobs and for 5 past years we film 5-10 videos at our home video studio every day. Every video which we film are unique and special. We got ~50 youtube channels – about all topics in which we are interested in our life… Life which is ruined now because of this unfair block. More info there:

The only thing left – to fight with this situation. Now it’s a goal. Now we belive in this fight. Nothing left to belive, except this…

I’ve started this blog in English, because our first blog was in Russian and I wanna share everything which happening with us to all of you, friends. We had a lot of English-speaking subscribers and I hope they would be able to find this web-site; initially it was Russian-speaking (now I understand that it was huge mistake, because after youtube channels’ block our subscribers don’t know where to find us).

Situation for now:
1) Youtube rejected our appeals.
2) Then we wrote to youtube support – they revised appeals and confirmed their decision to block us.
3) We replied to them again and now waiting for a reply.

Right now we are preparing for protest which would happen if our appeal would be finally rejected. I’ll post there our correspondence with support soon.

Kind regards,

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2 Responses to Shtukensia and Jbonya at YouTube… English version of blog is LIVE!

  1. Eko Rizkiyanto says:

    Ini website tentang apaan sih…???

  2. Rani S says:

    is there any language besides english?

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