Five our YouTube channels are still blocked

We have pretty good news – 32 our YT channels are unblocked (please sign our petition!). It’s huge progress! But five channels are still blocked.

We are 100% sure that our listed below terminated channels were re-marked as spam mistakenly, because we didn’t receive any strikes from flagging for all years which they existed and they were banned in 2 minutes automatically with our other YouTube channels (which are unblocked now). We definitely did not violated YouTube Community Guidelines at this channels, we respect platform rules very much! We think that it might happen, because YouTube experts were reviewing big list of channels in foreign language (in Russian) and might not fully understand what’s in the videos as we didn’t have English-language subtitles for videos. So we send you description of our blocked channels and hope this will help you to find that this is not spam, but creative and unique content. Please, send this info to YouTube experts with our great appreciation for their work and ask to re-review following channels:

  1. – “SportKot” (translation from Russian: “Sport Cat“), 1341 subscribers. This is very motivating channel where we make live stream fitness trainings and film videos on how we lost weigh, how to learn to pull up at sport bar and make other exercises. We started this channel to motivate ourself and our viewers – to make systematic sport training, become more healthy and create good shape for our bodies. We uploaded there ~1 unique video per week. At this channel we have series of videos – live sport, reviews of sports wear, sport questions, Shtukensia’s pull ups (from 0 to 4 times). Shtukensia learnt how to pull up at horizontal bar during filming videos for this channel for several years. Please, re-review our sport channel!
  2. – “Nesmeshno” (translation from Russian: “Not Funny“), 206 subscribers. This channel has our vines and short anecdotes, funny stories, funny songs and other humor videos. This humor is not typical and have quite underground and experimental humor videos. We are trying very different humor styles from stand-up to absurd jokes. We upload ~1 video per week. This videos are unique, we film each video with love and do not use anyones’ materials. Everything is written by ourself. Please, re-review our humor channel!
  3. – “Radost & Pozitiv” (translation from Russian: “Happyness and Positive“), 74 subscribers. This is Shtukensias’s fun and creative shots of the songs, poems and fun stories. Shtukensia compose fun lines and we film short story or dancing about this lines. Aim of the channel is to cheer up viewers, to make them feel happy as we are while filming this videos. All videos is full with extremely positive emotions! If anyone feel sad or have a bad day this cute fun videos will make people more happy! We think it is very important to spread positivity into the world. We hope you will like our videos and will unblock this channel. We film videos exclusively for this channel about once a week. Please, re-review our positive channel!
  4. – “LiveCast24“, 808 subscribers. There are our “Backstage” videos. As you already know we have professional video studio and film videos for YouTube full-time, so we have a lot of fun bloopers. Our viewers always ask for such backstage shots and we started to upload them at LiveCast24 YouTube channel. We put backstage parts from the same event or shooting day together, so this videos should not look like spam at all. For instance, we were filming our sketch at YouTube Space Tokyo and we had ~10 parts of backstage videos from this shooting day. We made one big video from them instead of uploading ~10 videos, so we uploaded there one video. We think that fun bloopers is interesting and valued content for YouTube viewrs! Also there we have our videos from the long past – when YouTube didn’t exist and our viewers enjoy to see how we looked 10-15 years ago. Please, re-review our backstage channel!
  5. – “DJ Piroliz“, 48 subscribers. Nikolay’s DJ channel. Nikolay is a beginning DJ, he bought professional music players for vinyl records and ordered some unique music for his sets. He is big fan of electronic music and likes to dance very much! This channel is dedicated to DJing, musical compositions and dance learning. We make ~1 video per week and create videos with unique idea and content. We feel that this videos has big potential among dancing and DJing lovers. We have web-site for this channel: which got long history (from 2008) and good reputation. Please, re-review our DJing channel!

Dear friends, we appreciate your attention for our case very much! We understand that we had very untypical situation. We ask you to take this additional information into consideration and help us to send our case to re-review for dear YouTube experts. If you will find that any video at our channels violates YouTube Community Guidelines we are definetly ready to delete it! Please help to recover our beloved YouTube channels! Also we are ready to spend more time on making English subtitles if this will help.

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