Our channels were unfairly blocked at YouTube

Hello! We are – Vera and Nikolay, nice to meet you!

We are not ‘typical’ youtubers and it was the reason why YouTube banned our channels without proper investigation.

For a 5 years already we are full-time youtubers and every day we film 5-10 videos at our ~50 youtube channels – about all topics in which we are interested in our life. And YouTube is our life! Among our channels is ‘Shkola Bloggera’ (translation from Russian – “Blogger’s School”) – https://www.youtube.com/shkolabloggera , biggest educational Russian-speaking channel about YouTube (93.000 subscribers). All our channels got ~350.000 subscribers total.

Week ago 37 of our channels (each of them <6000 subscribers) were AUTOMATICALLY blocked by mistake. All other our channels which got >6000 subscribers wasn’t affected and still active.

We’ve sent an appeals for our channels, but all of them were REJECTED.

It’s just a huge mistake. We completed courses at Creator Academy and visited several seminars in Russian office of Google; also we visited several YouTube Space Moscow events, YouTube managers know us personally and we had their consultations for our channels! We are not spammers (you could see it via our YT channels statistics), we do not have any spam, robots, spiders and other automated systems to gain views, subscribers, etc. We follow community guidelines very carefully. We are very positive and don’t have any hate, harassment or impersonation, predatory behavior or spam in our videos! We do not have any forbidden content at our videos, we do not have children in our videos. For almost 5 years we work with this channels and they still do not have big audience – it’s because we have only ‘organic’ growth. Only channels with <6000 subscribers were blocked; our ‘big’ channels wasn’t affected.

Please help to solve this problem! Youtube is the only thing which we love to do and it feels very cruel to have such unfair ‘reward’ for all years we worked so hard!

List of blocked channels:

Description URL
Russian Beauty 3208 Vera’s lifestyle (in English) https://youtube.com/ShtukensiaCOM
Malchishka 2132 Nikolay’s lifestyle https://youtube.com/channel/UCC-Wm63vB2c0svPvhgkS2Wg
Zdorov 1448 Health & healthy lifestyle https://youtube.com/channel/UCLbzTxuFhgyIbyMdEzYIdbA
SportKot  1341 Sport and fitness https://youtube.com/channel/UCh0KQnKGJaJb7MaPjqlJtSA
VideoDetki  721 Parenting (just our thoughts, we do not have children yet) https://youtube.com/channel/UCz_xNqKORcVgeVX0Y92bUOw
Vera Space  157 Space, physics, science https://youtube.com/channel/UCoCps5zSUWJTscjbaYgcXFw
 1722 Agriculture and soil science https://youtube.com/agroprognozru
 3167 Lessons about games streaming (how to make live videos) https://youtube.com/channel/UC2PKmy49kKx0Q50xDZRI8Sg
Youtubers Life 596 Our vlogs about life of youtubers https://youtube.com/channel/UCymdG7mO9hMu4Y8PieaQTAQ
YouTube Rumours  136 Youtube news and rumors https://youtube.com/channel/UCuD81WP9nOwHB3ca6BnUtpQ
Domovenok 942 Home, house-holding https://youtube.com/channel/UCsPGvhE1EIMfS0tpBkOzyyQ
Pochemuchka  54 Educational: answers to a typical questions https://youtube.com/channel/UCEDEAiMaF3CsOgMITRHH_hw
 InetMagaz  314 Unpacks, online shopping https://youtube.com/channel/UCuar17ALf0iT_vSHeT4If0g
 ITshnik  1823 IT, web-sites development, coding https://youtube.com/channel/UCSLA5pPWpEDodKuA6QKYUEg
 Edaki  1171 Reviews of food and restaurans https://youtube.com/channel/UCTzuV0jjT2MLnDaPA4XpjbQ
 Bookinator  1032 Bookblog, reviews of books https://youtube.com/channel/UCZJ5hIb2P7gHaA8R5sjI1UQ
 Carkusha  190 Cars and transport talks https://youtube.com/channel/UCxx-ZMLCaxd5-8mr5SSzT7A
 Nesmeshno  206  Nikolay’s humour https://youtube.com/channel/UCo6JFVtL0IjAR70O31-DSBA
Radost &  Pozitiv 74 Happy moments of our life https://youtube.com/channel/UCQQPBJYhGlOFpd7Az3nbMzw
LiveCast24 808 Videos from the past (our family video archive) https://youtube.com/livecast24
 CoverSong  653 Guitar song covers https://youtube.com/channel/UCAGZT7VOrV34BMroffK9Swg
 Pianinka  1849 Piano lessons https://youtube.com/channel/UCha6ju_fQT1mgtQ9OJhRYWQ
 Vnesociuma  318 Nikolay’s personal bard songs (he write them himself) https://youtube.com/vnesociuma
 DJ Piroliz 48 Nikolay’s DJ channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCvHUoNOZRWQsd1D7JaK2yiA
 VideoLife  117 Videos of nature and poems (every video got poem in description which we created specially for this particular video) https://youtube.com/channel/UCr0xXjZAqWylm5EPKNaIgOA
 Shketch 144 Vera’s sketches and comedy videos https://youtube.com/channel/UCIT2G3QfbW5AoSwC4iXgsDQ
 Kreatin  265 Painting and drawing (English) https://youtube.com/channel/UCy793gRKUgtFoRjwFI6p1Ug
 Shveyka-Kot  17 Sewing (new channel) https://youtube.com/channel/UCWjZeFYRMBKnRqzP9Z1DCAw
 StreamGuild  4225 Nikolay’s live game streams https://youtube.com/streamguild
 Tangar  1058 Geek culture (board games, yoyo, toys) https://youtube.com/channel/UCLGtPgcln7_zD2PyFTVFA1Q
 GameGlaz  737 Reviews of online games (in English) https://youtube.com/gameglaz
 GlazGame  900 Nikolay’s live gaming streams (in English) https://youtube.com/channel/UCK-d8Z08ElRz0zgKiAla5fg
 RussyGame  364 Vera’s gaming streams channel (English) https://youtube.com/channel/UChmnXwnF8NxJH0iFSLf-i5A
 Russian Bear  273 Nikolay’s lifestyle channel (in English) https://youtube.com/channel/UCUpNmGpoYWAoDkW5ad16MIQ
 BrushNik  10 Nikolay’s vlog (English) https://youtube.com/channel/UC6onYKZxZPOcS7Uhbx4bEEQ
 KotMedved  173 Home-made theater https://youtube.com/kotmedved
The Netherlands  79 About the Netherlands https://youtube.com/channel/UCeQhi4rNnt3WkW54JfKn_7w

All our channels got useful and kind videos, for example, among blocked channels there is ‘AgroPrognoz’ ( https://www.youtube.com/agroprognozru ) – the biggest (1700 subscribers, a lot for such community) Russian-speaking YouTube channel about agriculture and soil science. There are absolutely no reasons to block it. Also it’s strange that our other, English-speaking channel about soil science – ‘SoilMap’ isn’t blocked ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsniV3tyDTOU8cTUP2SMTJg ).

Finally, please notice, that all our ‘big’ (6000+) YouTube channels are still active and have good reputation, only channels with <6000 subscribers were AUTOMATICALLY terminated; but we equally follow YouTube rules and guidelines at all our channels – small and big-ones. So it is certainly an error.

Just some more information about us to explain why we have so many channels. We are artists and make a lot of different stuff like painting, writing books, playing musical instruments. At the same time we are very active in sports, we like to travel a lot. That’s why we made decision to start a lot of YouTube channels. Also a few facts about us:
– we both are PhD in Biology and authors of 20+ scientifical articles (our last scientific works were about YouTube statistics). We are authors of two science books and planning to write one more soon – about YouTube (based at experience of our channel about blogging – https://www.youtube.com/shkolabloggera )
– we work as web-developers and graphical designers
– sometimes we writing not scientific articles to different magazines and newspapers (about games, ecology & etc). Also we started to write fiction books. Example – http://shtukensia.com/thisis/mybooks/office/
– we are musicians, Nik is rock band leader, guitar teacher (his channel ‘Gitarka’ – https://www.youtube.com/gitarka got 50.000+ subscribers). Also he is dj and write electronic music.

And it’s not everything… That’s why we have so many YouTube channels. Each channel is unique for us and dedicated to specific topic from our life.

Please help and report this problem to programmers at Google, this isn’t typical problem, it could happen again and again with innocent people! This is automatic block without any reasons, it’s appeared only because we work at a lot on our youtube channels at the same time – but it’s not a crime or breaking the rules – we monetize our videos to make YouTube successful together with us!

Please help!

Kind regards,
Vera (Shukensia) & Nikolay (GameGlaz)
Our website: http://entr.ru/

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