List of our blocked YouTube channels (with number of subscribers)

List of our blocked YouTube channels:

Description URL
Russian Beauty 3208 Vera’s lifestyle (in English)
Malchishka 2132 Nikolay’s lifestyle
Zdorov 1448 Health & healthy lifestyle
SportKot  1341 Sport and fitness
VideoDetki  721 Parenting (just our thoughts, we do not have children yet)
Vera Space  157 Space, physics, science
 1722 Agriculture and soil science
 3167 Lessons about games streaming (how to make live videos)
Youtubers Life 596 Our vlogs about life of youtubers
YouTube Rumours  136 Youtube news and rumors
Domovenok 942 Home, house-holding
Pochemuchka  54 Educational: answers to a typical questions
 InetMagaz  314 Unpacks, online shopping
 ITshnik  1823 IT, web-sites development, coding
 Edaki  1171 Reviews of food and restaurans
 Bookinator  1032 Bookblog, reviews of books
 Carkusha  190 Cars and transport talks
 Nesmeshno  206  Nikolay’s humour
Radost &  Pozitiv 74 Happy moments of our life
LiveCast24 808 Videos from the past (our family video archive)
 CoverSong  653 Guitar song covers
 Pianinka  1849 Piano lessons
 Vnesociuma  318 Nikolay’s personal bard songs (he write them himself)
 DJ Piroliz 48 Nikolay’s DJ channel
 VideoLife  117 Videos of nature and poems (every video got poem in description which we created specially for this particular video)
 Shketch 144 Vera’s sketches and comedy videos
 Kreatin  265 Painting and drawing (English)
 Shveyka-Kot  17 Sewing (new channel)
 StreamGuild  4225 Nikolay’s live game streams
 GlazGame  900 Nikolay’s live gaming streams (in English)
 RussyGame  364 Vera’s gaming streams channel (English)
 GameGlaz  737 Reviews of online games (in English)
 Tangar  1058 Geek culture (board games, yoyo, toys)
 Russian Bear  273 Nikolay’s lifestyle channel (in English)
 BrushNik  10 Nikolay’s vlog (English)
 KotMedved  173 Home-made theater
The Netherlands  79 About the Netherlands

Totally blocked channels with ~ 32.000.

List of our YouTube channels which are still on-air:

Description URL
School of Bloggers 93000 How to become video blogger
Gitarka 52000 How to play guitar
Beauty Guild 50000 Beauty and style
Shtukensia 39000 Vera’s lifestyle
Otnoshenia 30000 Love and relations
 Alchnost Znaniy  15000 Education, career, self-development
 IgroGlaz  12000 Reviews of online games
 EasyLearn  9000 HowTo, lifehacks
Culture’s code 6000 Travel & culture
Computer-guy 6000 PC, electronics & gadjets
SexVopros 6000 For adults (18+)
Shtukensia Live 2000 Cozy live streams & chat
KinObzor 362  Reviews of films
Gamersha 791 Our series about gamer (Russian)
 Girlgamer  72 Our series about gamer (English)
 SoilMap  36 Soil science

Hi! Me (Nikolay) and my wife (Vera) filming videos for our YouTube for almost 5 years as full-time job – we film 5-10 original videos at our home video studio every day, so we made ~50 youtube channels – about all topics in which we are interested in our life.

Week ago YouTube automatically blocked 37 (75%) of our channels without any fair reason (only because we are different from most youtubers who got one or two YT channels). Block was made AUTOMATICALLY during 2 minutes of time – as we think, it’s new youtube’s automatic system which fights versus ‘Elsagate’ channels, with which we do not have anything in common, all our videos are unique and not targeted on children! Also only our small channels were blocked, big ones still there (see list below). Youtube support rejected our appeals, so now we are preparing protest manifestation.

We are not ‘typical’ youtubers and that’s why we were automatically blocked at YouTube.  Our appeals were rejected cause as we think – YouTube needs statistics of banned channels to show their ‘reaction’ to ‘Elsagate’. We are not ‘Elsagate’! We film only unique videos for mature persons. We do not abuse YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, we have only fun, interesting and positive videos.

It feels like discrimination – if you are not the same as others, if you got more channels than ‘average’ youtuber – you have to be banned. More info about this unfair blockade:

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